About us

Thanks for being here!

In the vendor world, we are the Miscreant and the Muse. We're a husband and wife team hailing from just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in spooky themed home decor and accessories using laser-engraving, sublimation and sewing machines (among other things).

We've been in the vendor space for longer than we'd like to admit sometimes, starting with handmade screens in our basement (with some fabric and dollar store frames) to make our first t-shirts.  It was the pandemic, though, that really changed how we approached business and created a unique opportunity to help communities while growing our own business by... drumroll... making masks. Once in-person events opened back up we were in a position to invest in ourselves and bring much of what we previously used print-on-demand partners for in house, so that we could expand beyond online sales.

Sara Green

As a creator, I have a diverse range of interests and passions. From classic monster movies and comic books to music, TV, and movies, I am a true sucker for pop culture. This love for the arts has fueled me since I first started an Etsy shop in 2008.

However, when it comes to my "other" life, I'm an executive in the corporate world. I possess a different set of skills and qualities and am an analyst by nature. I have spent my career working with sales and operations teams to streamline processes and maximize performance. I am driven by results. This drives the constant analysis of our own events - from traffic flow to sales. I leave no stones unturned!

Bryan Green

I have always been an artist and creative person. I grew up on horror movies and books, watching some things way too early in my life - but it has fueled my love for the macabre ever since.

In my life, I've had a variety of work experiences.  One of the most valuable was at a company that specialized in crafting handmade skull implants. I learned so much in business, creativity and production from my mentor there and I can carry with me the fact that I have contributed in a unique way to thousands of lives. 

When that path ended, I shifted my focus to our creative business full-time. I'm always trying to find ways to make our work more interesting and engaging. Combining all my interests and experiences into something unique is something I love!